GMI UK offers wholesale STP execution and liquidity solutions for both FX and CFD products via a single FIX API to retail brokers, hedge funds and Pro traders. The API uses the latest FIX technology and is integrated with all of the major technology vendors. Our relationships with tier-1 bank and non-bank liquidity providers ensures that GMI-UK clients experience a market leading trading environment.

  • Trade over 41 FX pairs and 26 CFDs plus key major Indices, commodities including UK&US Oil, Gold and Silver.
  • STP execution in a low latency environment.
  • Tier 1 and non Bank liquidity.
  • Competitive spreads and Margin Rates.
  • Boutique customer service.


Active Feed

GMI UK’s active feed is ideal for traders that execute 2 lots or lower. Our active feed offers our tightest spreads customised for smaller tickets. This keeps away the large ticket traders, providing our clients with lower rejection rates:

  • Low rejection rates (sub 5%).
  • Less slippage.
  • Tightest spread.

Classic Feed

GMI UK’s classic feed caters for traders that typically trade 5 lots or lower. Clients trades are ring fenced in a separate pool offering a minimum Top Of Book of 500k so you’re not competing with the large ticket traders. This means clients receive the following benefits:

  • Customised spreads to reduce slippage.
  • Prices refreshed every 10m.

Premium Feed

GMI UK understand that clients that are trading 10 lots at a time have unique needs and requirements to trade. Trades are not competing with smaller trader’s and spreads are customised to accommodate the larger clients trades. This provides the large ticket trades the following benefits:

  • Appropriate Top of Book pricing.
  • Low rejection rates.
  • Reduced slippage.

HFT Feed

GMI UK will accept HFT and Algorithmic flow. Clients being more aggressive in nature is executed outside the standard set of underlying price providers, meaning higher execution rates with minimal impact on ‘standard’ flow. This separate non-bank liquidity pool allows GMI-UK to accept flow some liquidity provides might turn away.

  • Access to non-bank LP pricing.
  • Lower rejection rates.
  • Reduced market impact.

Full Ticket Feed

GMI-UK offer a boutique experience, customising prices for both smaller and larger traders. If you need single ticket fills in up to 50mn, GMI can accommodate your flow. The feed allows clients to enter a trade size and get filled at the price they see on screen

  • Single ticket execution.
  • Reduced market impact.
  • Improved client experience.